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The Republican Club of East Polk County is a group of politically like minded residents of Polk County whose interest is to cultivate conservative candidates to represent the Polk County citizenry at the local, state and federal levels of government, in addition to providing a social network and a forum for the dissemination of political information.

Chartered by the Republican Party of Florida in 1956, the Republican Club of East Polk County has enjoyed 54 years of political and social activity in Polk County.

The Republican Club of East Polk County meets monthly and strives to host an inspirational and informative guest speaker for each meeting.

Refer to the “Events” area of this website for dates, times and location of Club meetings and scheduled guest speakers.

The Republican Club of East Polk County welcomes conservative minded guests to attend its monthly general meetings.


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What’s Happening

From our President

From our Governor

On Florida Purple Heart Day, we honor and pay tribute to our state’s Purple Heart recipients, many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of service for our country and the protection of our freedoms.

WATCH LIVE: Roundtable with transportation industry leaders in Orlando. https://www.facebook.com/WCTV.tv/videos/291303905631392

Today I'm holding a roundtable with transportation industry leaders in Orlando. Tune in at 11:30AM to the @floridachannel or http://facebook.com/GovRonDeSantis.

I’m pleased to announce the formation of the Task Force on the Safe and Limited Re-Opening of Long-Term Care Facilities in Florida. These last four and a half months have been difficult for everyone, especially our LTC facility residents and their families.


I called the politicization of the China Virus by the Radical Left Democrats a Hoax, not the China Virus itself. Everybody knows this except for the Fake and very Corrupt Media!

RACE COMMENT BACKLASH: @marykbruce reports on the backlash Joe Biden is facing after appearing to suggest most African Americans are uniform in their views, with Pres. Trump seizing on the comment and the Biden campaign responding. https://abcn.ws/3kjuz1T

"Joe Biden this morning, he totally disparaged and insulted the black community. What he said is incredible...it was a very insulting statement he made."

@realDonaldTrump responds to @JoeBiden saying Latinos have 'incredibly different' attitudes, unlike black Americans.

BREAKING: Trump signs executive order forcing the divestment of TikTok by it’s owner, ByteDance.

Any company still doing business with TikTok in 45 days is subject to sanctions, Trump said

President Donald Trump on Thursday ordered an unspecified ban on "transactions" with the Chinese owners of the consumer apps TikTok and WeChat. https://7ny.tv/3fCul2k


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Follow this link https://www.whitehouse.gov

To thank the President or send him a message:

Fill in the info required in Brown Box including “what would you like him to know” at bottom.

Look for President Trump’s many achievements



Our Mission

The Republican Club of Greater East Polk County supports individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise. We believe every human being is endowed by God with inherent rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • We support a strict construction of the Bill of Rights as a defense against tyranny; the expansion of those rights to all voluntary consensual conduct under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments; and the requirements of equal protection and due process under the Fourteenth Amendment.
  • We support the Constitutional restrictions on federal government powers enumerated in Article I, Section 8 as an absolute limit on all government functions and programs.
  • We oppose the adoption of broad and vague powers under the guise of general welfare or interstate commerce.
  • We oppose all restrictions on the voluntary and honest exchange of value in a free market. We favor minimal, equitable, and fair taxation for the essential functions of government. We oppose all legislation that concedes Congressional power to any regulatory agency, executive department, or international body.
  • We support the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, the republican form of government it requires, and the right of all citizens to fair and equitable representation.
  • We believe these are also the proper positions of the Republican Party.