After Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America, I decided to read all of his books.  I wanted to know why he thinks like he thinks and why he does what he does.  I have read Why I Want Everyone to Be Rich and Quotes from Successful Business People, The Art of The Deal, and Think Like A Champion.  Donald Trump is an intellectual.  I highly recommend that you read what this man has written. 

     If you are not a reader, or you don’t have a lot of time to read, I recommend a book review I have done on the President’s slim book, Think Like a Champion.  Donald Trump thinks for himself and put’s the best interests of the American people first.  That’s why he is a target.  He refuses to succumb to the “stinking thinking” of the liberal leftist.

     “Make America Great Again’’ – President Donald J Trump

     Steve Larsen





Barack Hussein Obama – Election Ushers in a Different World – Trump says the administration before Obama was a disaster for Bush and the Republican Party.  The writing was at a time when Obama was first elected.  Trump says Obama has a chance to be a great president.  He was handed a big mess.  Trump had hopes for Obama.  We now know the rest of the story.

Essays Assets and Stephen King – Trump is saying that short stories that get to the point quickly to let the reader get the truth are a great asset.  We can see that with the Trump’s tweets – short and powerful.  He keeps the leftist heads spinning all the time.

Innovation – Trump says the key to Innovation is to keep your brain and senses open to new stimuli.  Trump says we don’t really create, but we assemble what has been created for us.  Be a great assembler.

Trump has definitely brought innovation to the White House.  The first is the fact that we have a President that actually works.

The Importance of Being a Team Player – Trump says having the ability to work together as a team player, when you win, everyone wins.  Trump has put together a great team in the White House, despite opposition even from his own side.  Those that stay team players will win.  The “swamp” will lose.  I am a Trump Team Player. Join the winning side.

An Early Thanksgiving – Trump tells of a Jewish family that had reached out to him for help for their son.  The son needed transportation to a hospital located across the country.  No airline would transport their son.  Not knowing Trump. They contacted him for help.  Trump obliged and transported the young man.  He did not survive.  Trump references the fact that the parents contacted him every year to thank him for all that he had done to help.

Trump is truly a man of compassion and acts accordingly.  Unlike the Democrat districts that are disparaged and even kill life before it is born.

Learning is a New Beginning – Trump says he is always learning.  The more he can learn, the better when it comes to a new project like building a golf course.  The Left says Trump knows nothing about politics, policy, or world affairs.  It seems he has learned far more than his enemies will ever know.  Their track record stinks.

Learning to Think on Your Feet – Trump says there is an energy and adrenaline to thinking on your feet.  It does take a lot of thinking and planning beforehand.  When all the prep work has been done, making a quick decision is easy.  Trump is truly a great thinker and planner.  Not much can be said about the Left that left us without a budget.

Strive for Wholeness – Trump says when something is getting built or there is a project to do, he wants to take it to the max – the best it can be.  He doesn’t want halfhearted, but wholeness.  Trump wants to Make America Great Again.  He will accomplish just that.  He’s never satisfied with halfhearted.  The left has done a good job of breaking our country into a thousand pieces.  Trump will put it back together.

Give Your Higher Self a Chance – Trump says go the extra mile.  Don’t settle for less.  Go beyond your comfort zone.  Once you have achieved greatness move onto the next work and make it great.

Trump’s goal is not to make America great, but make Americans great.  Under socialism people move backward and the people end up in poverty in a two-class system with the majority at the bottom.

Wisdom – Trump says wisdom is a must for a successful leader.  It is a combination of experience, integrity, and knowledge.  A person does not chance upon wisdom.  It comes from much study and work.

Trump has demonstrated his wisdom in the way he has brought an economy around.  Not like the last administration with one blunder after another.  How foolish.

The More You Learn, The More You Realize What You Don’t Know – Trump is saying that knowledge is inexhaustible.  The more you study, the more you realize what you don’t know.  There is no Know-it-all.  His motto is what can I learn today that I didn’t know before.  History is not the past; it is happening now. Trump wants to make America better, not dumb it down.  That is the goal of the social democrats.

Note: When greeted with the question, “How are you?”  I often reply, “Better.”  Sometimes, the person will question, “I didn’t realize that you were sick?”  I’m not ill.  I am only doing my best to improve life. 

Think Like a Champion – Trump says champions are a people that play to win.  People that go the extra mile, that practice, that improve their skills, so they can perform their best are champions.

By far President Trump has been one of the hardest working presidents ever to take office.  He is a champion.  He is the hardest worker since Ronald Reagan.  It has been said that Trump is Reagan on steroids.

I View My Work as an Art Form – I am a self-taught artist.  There is a lot of adrenaline that goes into a painting.  Trump says putting all the pieces together for a deal is like bringing a piece of art to life.  It is a lot of hard work making every stroke with the brush just right.

Building Connected Thought – Trump teaches us to have bridges that connect us to many different subjects.  This keeps you from being “tunnel-visioned” on one thing.  This increases our brain power when speaking to others and doing business.

Confronting Your Fears – Trump says in order to conquer fear, one must go after it with hard work and faith knowing that the problem will be solved.  Keep a positive attitude at the same time.  Don’t let fear get you down.

Imagination: A Key to Financial Savvy – Trump says he uses imagination to work out a plan.  He puts it into a blueprint, putting all the details in order, then acting on that creative imagination.  He is a master planner.

So far Trump’s plan has been working well: economy, appointing judges, strong military, less tax, more secure border.  I guess the left has no plans at all for the country except socialism and free abortions.

Is Business Success a Natural Talent? – President Trump says that business success is a combination of aptitude, work and luck.  He talks about going the extra mile to learn all you can while having patience to see it through and pray it will.  We can see how he has applied these same principles in the White House.  He definitely has had to use much patience with the left.  In the end, I believe he really will drain the swamp.

Keep It Short, Fast, and Direct – Donald J Trump definitely has not wasted any time in getting things accomplished that will make America Great Again.  He says to get to the point. Don’t waste time. Make the deal. Move on to the next deal.  He has done more to get things accomplished than the last 5 or 6 presidents combined.  Not much can be said for the record of the lazy democrats.  Their focus has been on getting rid of Trump.  Trump makes them look bad: and they are!

Have the Right Mindset for the Job – Trump says in order to face problems and get solutions, have the right mindset.  Don’t get caught up in the problems, focus on the solutions.  He says that if you don’t have problems, you aren’t doing much.  Donald Trump has had his share of problems as president, he has worked very hard at finding solutions to many of them.  The democrats are good about creating problems and never fixing anything.

Momentum Is Something You Will Have to Work at to Maintain – Trump says we need to find our desired work load and maintain with a steady energy flow.  If not maintained, expect burnout.  Trump has a high energy level and maintains it well.  His hard work has turned America back from being taken over by the communist socialist progressives.  They have literally tried to destroy our free nation.

Learn from Setbacks and Mistakes – Trump says you can expect to have setbacks and mistakes in life.  They are unavoidable, but they can make you better, if you don’t let them get the best of you.  Keep your focus and momentum. Don’t make the same mistake twice.

Trump has learned a lot about politics since he went to the White House and has made corrections in his course to become a great leader.  He is making America Great Again, an America that the past administration has blundered and stumbled blindly from one mistake after the next, never learning.

Tell People About Your Success – Trump says being popular can bring you more opportunity.  Go ahead and toot your own horn. Let ego work for you. Danger in not keeping it balanced: don’t become dictatorial.  Trump used his popularity to get millions of dollars of free publicity in the 2016 election campaign.  The mainstream media have lost millions of dollars because of the unpopular fake news.  Hahaha!

Prescience – Trump says if you pay attention you can see how things may turn out later on, or in the future you can make an educated guess.  It seems he is doing that with the Democrats.  Trump stays one step ahead of them, while they make themselves look worse and worse.  They lack foresight.  Corrupt politicians have only hatred for the President and his “deplorables.”

The Stock Market – The Art of The Deal was written right after the market crash of 9/15/2008. Trump’s advice is to have a plan B for such a time as this. Hard times in the financial world will come again.  Be prepared.  Some economists are talking about a financial reset after 2020.  We can’t just keep printing and spending.  Obama did a good job at doubling our national debt and having nothing to show for it.

Financial Literacy – Trump says the financial world affects everyone.  The more you know, the better.  He says our educational system is lacking in teaching financial skills.  Financial literacy needs to be implemented.  Ignorance of financial skills is very risky.  Contrast what the corrupt politicians have done to the American economy with trillions in debt with the reset to financial stability that is taking place with the Trump administration.  He is not trying to “share the wealth”; but rather, show each and everyone how to be rich.

Destiny – Trump says have a plan for success, but be flexible.  There might be detours along the way.  Things don’t always go according to plan.  Many times, the unexpected turns out better than the original.  Trump has definitely had to be flexible.  There has been the “unexpected” show up in the White House, Nancy Pelossi, for one.  Then there is the Russian hoax.  Trump is still on top and the Corrupt keep digging a deeper hole for themselves.

Each Success is the Beginning of the Next One – Trump says past successes lead him to be motivated to go the extra mile, work hard now, leading up to the next great success.  None would happen if he didn’t focus on the now.  Trump is the most successful president of my lifetime.  He’s making America greater every day.  How much will he accomplish by the end of 2024?  Hopefully, someone will pick up where he leaves off and continues the great success story.

There Are Times When You Should Move On – Trump says there are some things in life that fit and some that do not.  Learning when to make the break from an uphill battle and move on is a great lesson in life.  Learning this will save some headache.  Trump and presidency seem to be a great fit.  There are a lot of politicians that just don’t fit, and they should move on.  Some corrupt politicians should move on behind bars.

Keep the Big Picture in Mind – Trump says there always many struggles in life.  Nothing great is ever accomplished without difficulty.  Some paths are fraught with many difficulties that must be conquered.  At the end, there could great fortune.  Trump can see a bigger picture for America than the average American can.

Get the Best People You Can – Trump says every new hire is a gamble.  Even when they have been with you decades, you never know.  He admits that even he has made mistakes.  Hope for the best in people.  If it’s not a good match, move on.  Trump has had to move people out.  He wants only the best for the people’s government.  Contrast Trump’s policy with most of the Obama hires.  Trump is doing his best to clean up all the dead weight.

Winners See Problems as Just Another Way to Prove Themselves – Trump says he uses problems to grow.  He likes the challenge.  If you don’t have problems to solve, you are not going anywhere.  Problems can be a good thing.  Fix the problem and move on to the next.  Don’t let them pile up like baggage.  Trump has had his share of problems in the White House.  Since Ronald Reagan, Trump is the only president to tackle real problems.  Promises made – Promises kept.

Scotland, You’re Hired – President Trump searched for a land to develop a golf course in Europe.  He located a beautiful sandy slope along the ocean in Scotland.  He knew it was the perfect place – the birthplace of golf as well as the birthplace of his mother.  He became a passion for him.  He struggled through many political and environmental difficulties to get approval and he won.

President Trump has a passion for America, he will not only make America great again, but he will keep America great.  With the American people behind him, we will win.

Develop a Tempo when You Are Working – President Trump describes tempo as timing or pace.  He is the conductor who sets the pace and moves the work forward.  All works together like an orchestra.  He watches each move.  Even with all the opposition from the liberal left, Trump has been able to keep his tempo.  He has a plan and is timing his moves.

You Can Better Your Best at Any Time – Trump says look and see your accomplishments.  Put on that positive mental attitude and go for more.  Be greater than before, giving yourself personal change.  Do more – be more – give more!  This is what we can expect to see in Trump’s second term.  We know what we can expect if the Democrats get what they want.  We don’t want to go there.

They Thought I Was Doing So Well – President Trump says he is human just like everyone else.  He says take your work seriously: take yourself less seriously.  We see Trump in his presidency serious in his work.  He is not a “politically correct politician.”  Therefore, we the people can identify with him.  Its hard to relate to the Democrats that say one thing and do another.

It’s Not Personal, It’s Business – Many times, Trump has to be a tough businessman.  It is bad business to let everything slide into a loss.  Trump says he doesn’t like to be impersonal or robotic.  Deals are easier to make if you are personable.  However, don’t take business personally.  Be tough; be sweet; and be personable, but don’t take business personally.  That philosophy makes a good-sense president.